What it takes to save a life

A veterinarian’s quest for healing and hope

Dr. Kwane aka The Street Vet

Many years ago, during a five-year tenure as a Shelter Veterinarian in a struggling, depressed area of California, Dr. Kwane began to from a true appreciation for those that struggle to afford health care for their pets. Years later his journey continues.

About Dr.Kwane

Veterinarian for over 20+ years, Dr. Kwane has been sought for his expertise by many media outlets and major companies – including Disney, United Airlines and Sea World – for guidance to improve their animal care standards. He is known for his outspoken, compassionate, charismatic and genuine nature.

A veterinarian’s quest for healing and hope

What it takes to save a life

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No Judgement. Just Help. Read more about the inspiring work and mission that is making national and international news.

Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet (Series Trailer Extended)

The series follows Dr.Kwane’s journey to help the pets and people who need it the most. Traveling the city streets Dr. Kwane and his assistant Genesis administer basic care and in some cases life saving aid to some of society’s most vulnerable. Amazing stories of hope, struggle and inspiration are revealed.