No Judgement. Just Help.

Project Street Vet the nonprofit organization co-founded by Dr. Kwane was built on his inspiring “Street Vet Work” who for years provided direct vet-to-pet services by walking city streets to identify individuals experiencing homelessness with pets.

Project Street Vet is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity that provides free veterinary care, treatment, and support to the pets of individuals experiencing homelessness and/or housing vulnerability in several cities across the country.

Once identified, free exams, vaccines, flea meds, supplies, and more are offered by our volunteer veterinary teams and information is gathered for follow-ups and additional care. Care and supplies are provided by Project Street Vet at no cost to pet parents.

We are committed to protecting the human-animal bond that is so vital to the livelihood of pets and the people who love them. Leading with compassion, kindness, and no judgements, will we seek out and assist the pets and people who need it most.

Delivering Kindness

Whether it’s unexpected job loss, the housing crisis, bad credit, natural disasters, inequitable systems, or the global pandemic, life’s events cause many people to be displaced, unhoused, and experience homelessness. If it is for a day or several years, the experience can be traumatic and a cycle that isn’t easy to break. Beyond providing companionship, socialization, protection, and love, many pets of people experiencing homelessness serve as a lifeline and constant source of motivation during stressful times.

It is estimated that over 580,400 people are experiencing homelessness in America, and that 10% of people experiencing homelessness have a pet. Other projections range from 10%-25%. Using these estimates, this puts the number of pet parents experiencing homelessness in America at anywhere from 58,000 to over 145,000 individuals.

Pets are family

Pets are family, and the commitment these individuals have to their pets is strong – often caring for their pets first before caring for themselves. Studies have shown that pets of people experiencing homelessness are in equal and in some cases in better health than those who are housed, although access to veterinary care can be a challenge. Through our work, Project Street Vet aims to provide easier access to veterinary care to these families during their time of most need.